About Us

2020 GRC Board- 

President- Danny Thomason (208)539-1743                                                        Email: thomasondanny@ymail.com

Vice Pres- Mike Zebarth (208)358-4996

Treasurer- Stephanie Hebert (435)757-8584                                                          Email: steph.83.hebert@gmail.com

Secretary- JJ Roemmich (775)397-2769                                                                  Email: grassrootcutters@gmail.com

Past President- Tom Ruby (208)308-4771                                                               Email: trr@jub.com


Helen Parke        (208)308-0240                                                                              Email: hpruby@hotmail.com

 Shae Human (208)420-7133                                                                               Email: shaeprescott31@gmail.com

 Nick Proost

 Hank Williams

 Dana Benkula                                                                                                              Email: dana.benkula@wbdcare.com

Youth Directors- Jaylan Thomason & Joe Zebarth

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our President, Danny Thomason, or any of the Board of Directors .  Thank you for your interest!